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Family Law

Mark Upright helps clients who want to avoid prolonged conflict, and create solutions for moving forward in a manner that is private and respectful of each other and their children. He is accomplished in the areas of litigation and negotiation, where he is able to utilize problem-solving skills for the benefit of clients.

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Parent Coordinator

Mark Upright has been a Parent Coordinator for the last 8 years.  A Parenting Coordinator assist parents establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting, or parallel parenting relationships by reducing parental conflict and the risk factors that influence a child’s post-divorce adjustment. The overall emphasis is to offer children the opportunity to grow in a home environment free from the devastating stress of being caught in the middle of parental conflict.

Parenting Coordination can often save families thousands of dollars in litigation costs and provide effective and timely solutions for families.   



Mark Upright represents adopting parents in private, agency, international, domestic placements and same sex adoptions.

If you have retained an agency to help you with the adoption of a child, you may believe that you do not need legal counsel. Though the agency can streamline the process of finding a child and will help you complete the home study, you still need legal counsel to protect your interests.  With over 25 years in the field of Child Welfare, Foster Care and Adoption Services, Mark Upright will be with you through the process. Ensuring your interest are secure and your dreams for your family are realized.

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Non-Profit Business Consulting

Mark Upright has over 25 years of experience in the management of Non-Profit Organizations.  He has held the roles of the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, In-House Counsel and Chief Executive Officer of some of the most innovative Non-Profits on the east coast.

Expertise in areas of:

* Formation of 501(c)(3)

* Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws

* Tax Issues and Compliance

* Contracts

* Mergers and Acquisitions

* Operational Issues

* Risk Management

* Human Resources

* Banking

* Insurance Disputes

* Cost Allocations

* Establishing Mission and Core Values

* Built to Last Training

The missions of our clients vary widely: education, social justice, health, environment, arts, religion, international poverty relief, social services, children, animal welfare, scientific research and disaster relief. 

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Special Counsel

Hearing Officer - Conducting hearings for violations of Code of Student Conduct. Specificallyfocused on Title IX protection from the discrimination on the basis of sex. Under Title IX,discrimination on the basis of sex includes sexual harassment, rape, and sexual assault.


Collaborative Divorce and Child Custody Services

Divorce proceedings in court can be time consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining. Using the tools of the court is more muscle than some people want when restructuring their family. Often people turn to mediation. The only problem is that settlement must be reached without the help of a lawyer and one party can often be left feeling taken advantage of if they are dissatisfied with the outcome. Is there a better alternative? The answer is yes. It is the newest option in family law-- collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is an option of couples who feel they can work out their divorce settlement themselves but still want legal protection. Although not right for everyone, collaborative divorce strives to bring about settlement in a manner that addresses the needs of both parties. In many ways, collaborative divorce allows the parties to end the marriage but retain a functional relationship.

Lawyers retained for a collaborative divorce process are specifically trained to reach "win-win" settlements instead of "win-lose." Collaborative divorce attorneys must be skilled in guiding negotiations and managing conflict. In fact, if a lawyer finds out their client has withheld or misrepresented information, the lawyer is required to inform the other party and withdraw from the process. Collaborative attorneys are meant to be client advocates. They advocate not only for their client but for what is fair and just.

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What Parenting Coordinators Do?

Parenting coordinators are specially trained professionals whose work focuses on helping co-parents manage their parenting plan, improve communication, and resolve disputes. The role of a parenting coordinator will vary based on what a family needs and what the court may stipulate.

A parenting coordinator may monitor that parents are complying with their parenting agreement, to educate and offer recommendations on ways to solve issues, or to even make individual decisions for the parents based on what the court allows. A parenting coordinator is there to work with the co-parents, yet the overarching focus of their work is to uphold the best interests of the children and encourage each parent to do so as well. 

As a co-parent, you may be wondering if working with a parenting coordinator is in your best interest. If you are always in conflict and cannot resolve issues with your co-parent, consider the following reasons as to why working with a parenting coordinator may help. 

You are more likely to spend less time in the courtroom. 

When your parenting coordinator is there to help by offering guidance or even making decisions when you can't reach one together, you'll spend less time arguing with your co-parent to no end.

When there's less conflict, you are also less likely to make return trips to court. In turn, this will also help you to save money by not having to spend more on legal fees. 

It may help to reduce stress on you and your kids. 

Conflict can create a huge emotional burden for those in it or surrounded by it. Even if you're not arguing in front of your kids, they may still be quite impacted by the tension they sense.

A parenting coordinator can help you to stop fighting so much by educating you on ways to resolve conflicts promptly. While you will be glad to have stopped fighting so much, your kids will also be happy to have more peace across their two homes. 

Your kids may also learn better communication and problem-solving skills. 

Parents are the most important role models for their children. When co-parents can communicate with each other and make decisions without conflict, their kids are likely to notice. They may even learn a thing or two about positive communication skills to use themselves. 

Parenting coordinators are focused on making the right decisions for your children. 

Whether it's conscious or not, it can be hard sometimes for co-parents to separate the issues they have between each other from the crucial decisions they must make for their kids. A parenting coordinator comes in as a neutral third party, so the suggestions they make are unbiased and always in favor of the children.

A parenting coordinator will seek to gain an understanding of what is really going on within the family to create conflict. In many cases, this person will meet with both parents separately, and possibly the children, to get a deeper understanding of what might be creating and persisting the conflict. This gives them better insight as they help co-parents make the best decisions moving forward. 

You'll have more time to focus on your kids. 

While your parenting time is based on your parenting agreement, working with a parenting coordinator can take away some of the stress you used to have when it came to dealing with your co-parent. With less stress about communication or making decisions, you will be able to spend more time focused on your kids.

Working with a parenting coordinator may be a good option for families transitioning into shared parenting, but as always, the needs of every family are unique. Discuss parenting coordination with your attorney or other trusted family law professionals to get an idea of how it could impact your situation.